April 2011

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  • Phil Wallace says:

    On the evening of 14th April I caught youths, about 13 years old, throwing large lumps of stone and wood at the nesting boxes on the NW side of the woodland area. I sent them on their way (having taken their first names) and checked the boxes which appeared undamaged.

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Ash Dieback

Ash Dieback has been discovered in Dorset. The sad news that the disease had spread to Dorset was confirmed in August after the first infected tree was found near Dorchester. Caused by the fungus "Chalara fraxina" it is spread by infected ash leaves and can spread up to 10 miles on the wind. The fungus infects 60-90% of the trees in its path, causing leaf loss, bark lesions, crown dieback, and in most cases the death of the tree.

This is particularly bad news for the Quarr where ash is the dominant tree in the Reserve.

If you think you have seen an infected tree, please contact the Forestry Commission immediately on 084159-335577.